Our Organizational Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to increase the knowledge of Post-Polio problems and remedies. We hope to add new members so we will be able to grow and expand. We also want to have fun when we are together and working on projects. By developing relationships and friendships, the organization will become even stronger.

                                      Our Goals and Objectives

1. To promote research into the on-going effects of post-poliomyelitis.

2. To educate the general public about the residual effects, decline in, function and overall changes in life style (quality of life) experienced by many with post-polio.

3.  To establish training and education of health care providers in the field of post-poliomyelitis.

4.  To establish satellite groups, to provide advice to the groups, assistance and support in their efforts in post-polio awareness.

5.  To promote the general welfare of people with post-polio everywhere.

6.  To serve as a clearing house for gathering and disseminating information regarding post-polio and to establish integrated programs.

7.  To encourage the establishment of programs and services for polio.

8.  To solicit and receive funds for the to accomplish the above listed purposes.