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Americans were scared of polio vaccine too

We stood in line 65 years ago to take sugar cubes to help wipe out polio. Why can't it be the same for COVID in 2021?


'Polio Paul' has spent 7 decades in an iron lung, one of the last in the world: "I never gave up"


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Polio battle has lesson for current vaccination controversy


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PHI Spark (No. 7) Invite Your Group to Discuss Life-with-Polio Stories --Those of Others and Their Own, as Well


Your View by a Bethlehem man: I developed polio because I was too young for Salk's vaccine. So take it from me - everyone eligible should get COVID shots


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Clifton Jolley: Polio survivors have no patience for anti-vax foolishness Even with two vaccines, it took years to eliminate polio. And those who survived it still suffer.


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Polio survivors reflect on pandemic as they receive COVID-19 vaccine


N.C.'s 'Polio City' was a nationally known medical marvel in the 1940s; a local boy stayed nearly a year there


Living with a pandemic: Polio in the 1940s


Waiting to exhale The advent of iron lungs


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Colorado Post-Polio

A new polio vaccine joins the fight to vanquish the paralyzing disease



As COVID Vaccines Arrive, Remembering How An Earlier Pandemic Touched a Family


Announcing PHI's "Shining Star Hall of Fame Campaign": Who Is Your Shining Star?


A look back at mass polio vaccinations of '50s, '60s


Vaccine memories of another time and place




Bearers of the great pandemics


COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Polio Survivors


Sinclair Cares: Reasons we need to find a way to connect with others

One in 10 suffer from 'long Covid' three months after recovering and 20% have lingering symptoms for five weeks, ONS finds - -"Doctors have likened it to post-polio syndrome, a poorly understood condition which can develop more than a decade after the initial infection"


Not the first time: Polio survivor recalls epidemic, lessons learned for COVID-19


El Paso woman who helped convince Elvis to take Polio vaccine discusses parallels with Covid-19 shot


Health officials hoping "Elvis Effect" will encourage Mid-Southerners to take vaccine


Guest view: Thinking of skipping COVID-19 vaccine? Read this


Pandemic parallels


Coronavirus vaccine's arrival recalls the 1950s battle to stop polio


Remembering friend's recovery from polio in 50's


Revealed: Desperation during the polio epidemic brought troubling treatments


Laurier lecture series features childhood polio survivor Zoom Nov 26th


A history of polio in Moray told by Elgin Rotary member Donald Lunan


Altered Supraspinal Motor Networks in Survivors of Poliomyelitis: A Cortico-Muscular Coherence Study


Having Polio As a Child Prepared Me to Survive the Covid Pandemic


The Secret South Carolina 'Monkey Farm' That Helped Develop the Polio Vaccine


The virus that stalked children: Remembering New Zealand's polio years


In Memory of Robert C. Newton (1945 - 2020)


Congratulations to the 2020-2022 Board of Directors


PT needs return of The Life Aquatic | Mann Overboard


A Rotary Moment: Borrowed Iron Lung makes an impact on Conroe, Lake Conroe Rotary clubs


Op-Ed: Masks, like vaccines, are liberating


Local polio survivor stays focused on the good


CDC- Global Immunization World Polio Day 2020 October 24


We're Still Here! 2020 - Grand Prize Winner

We're Still Here! 2020 - First Runner-up

We're Still Here! 2020 Second Runner-up

We're Still Here! 2020 Third Runner-up

We're Still Here! 2020 Fourth Runner-up



Help for polio survivors facing new challenges - Colorado Post-Polio Organization offers services, resources and traveling clinics across the state.


Polio survivors of Ocean County is still here


2020 Difference Makers: Miki Gudermuth




Geri Teixeira's classes are back


Drive-thru birthday event held at church




Pre-existing conditions



Late effects of polio a health issue little known or understood


Tribute on Lyric FM to Bray Team


Utah Woman may be longest living polio survivor in the U.S.


Anne able to 'run' the mini-marathon for Polio


She Was Only Two Years Old. She Died All Alone in the Hospital


Lessons from how the polio vaccine went from the lab to the public that Americans can learn from today


How Wild Polio Can Help Us Beat the Coronavirus


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New Emergency Care Card for Carers - Ireland


POLIO: Our true story - Dr. Faisal Shuaib


Michel Zaffran reflects on polio lessons and the job ahead


Michael Dawe: For years, polio epidemics cast a shadow over region - People blamed stable flies, mosquitoes and, sometimes, bad milk for the spread of the disease


Youtube - Canton, NC the Rest of the Story: A Legacy of Overcoming the Odds - Polio Epidemic 1948-1952




'I'm afraid it's polio'


Africa declared free of wild polio in 'milestone'


Vaccines are OK for those who have had polio


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What polio in post-WWII America can teach us about living in a pandemic


The world has changed, their love hasn't, Salinas couple celebrates 73 years of marriage


For What It's Worth: Journey through pandemic requires sense of humor, optimism




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Local doc shares his experience as a "double-demic" survivor


Aging Graciously: We must continue to trust science


Is polio the answer to curing brain tumors?


When we have a coronavirus vaccine, will we want to use it?


Among The 1st To Get A Polio Vaccine, Peter Salk Says Don't Rush A COVID-19 Shot


Life goes on


Polio vaccine could give temporary protection against COVID-19, scientists hope


Of polio vaccine and a 65-years-ago high school play


Coronavirus pandemic: Tuberculosis and Polio vaccines being considered to fight Covid-19


A look at a home for the elderly in Kenya during pandemic




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'There Was So Little Information': Polio Survivors Offer Pandemic Perspective


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The Epidemic That Preyed on Children


The outbreak that invented intensive care


How Pittsburgh's polio vaccine triumph could shape race to end coronavirus pandemic


Polio epidemic remembered


In Memory of Daniel P. Sedio (1941- 2020)


Can an Oral Polio Vaccine Help Stop the Coronavirus? (Video Interview)


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Bob Dyer: Polio survivor looks back

Bob Dyer: Polio fear was similar to this


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This Organization Is Fighting Polio and COVID-19 at the Same Time


'Reflect on the greater collective good': what Australia can learn from its past polio epidemics


Life in Cork during the polio scare of '56


Jenny: 'We lived in constant fear' - coping as a nursing student during the polio epidemic


Polio: memories of self-isolation in the 1950's


Show Me Kindness: Polio survivor makes masks to pay it forward


Polio survivors see in coronavirus era levels of fear not seen since poliomyelitis epidemics


Polio Warriors - Information and Advice


Utah Woman May Be Longest Living Polio Survivor


Man who contracted polio at rugby match says he understands cancellation


For Dr. Bill Bass, it's important to have a spouse who tickles your funny bone

Disability advocates escalate fight to end NDIS funding age discrimination


REPORT: Nigeria's polio survivors not out of the woods yet, but the system hardly cares


In Memory of Greg (1947-2015) and Linda (1955-2013) Larbes - Greg Larbes was OPN's first President

CDC - Polio Elimination in the United States


Paralysis, pain and iron lungs: Why parents once dreaded polio season


NDRN Testifies to Congress on Voting Rights in America



Why history forgets the NZ polio epidemic of 1916


Ohio Polio Network Conference September 19, 2020


In Memory of Pauline Emily Monfreda


In Memory of Audrey Merle


In Memory of Marian Lydia Evkovich


Amtrak Asks 2 People Who Use Wheelchairs To Pay $25,000 For A Ride


How polio can come back to haunt sufferers later in life


Post-polio syndrome affects 7,000 people who 'don't have time to wait'


The Chowkidar (a watchman or gatekeeper)


Cadillac woman's "Believe Wish" for new access ramp is granted


Savannah group focuses on Polio awareness


Post Polio Syndrome


The Iron Lung Was Just An Engineer's Side Project


Shapari's journey of resilience and courage: The story of a polio survivor


Assistance dogs graduate, bringing new hope to those with disabilities


One On One, Nov. 14, 2019: John Nanni, Polio Plus (youtube video)


Learning to live every day: Islander stricken with 'post-polio' has a message



Pain Patients Get Relief from War on Opioids


CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain -- United States, 2016


Disabilities inspire essays


Polio and Casa Colina


'Brothers in Art': Friends hold joint exhibit at Compass School


Inspiring DMU alumnus succeeds against all odds


World Polio Day: Centre stages walk to create awareness


Lightweight soft exoskeleton takes shapes at CCNY


Polio Day 2019 celebrated in Warrnambool in first for region


Dedications of Miracle of Hickory park, mural set for Friday


BLOG: 31-year-old who developed an acute viral infection as a child


Polio fight continues for Rotary


Alan Alda Interview - polio survivor on Sister Kenny


INVESTIGATION: Airlines damage thousands of wheelchairs


India's last polio ward


In Memory of Robert James Hadley, Esq.


Paralyzed by polio, this triathlete still crosses the finish line


Retired teacher from Doylestown honored with Twilight wish


In 1935, polio case causes Alvaton School to close


Rancho Los Amigos finishes its move into new facility


In Memory of David A. Livingston


In Memory of James D. Zachritz


Has the Polio Virus returned to complete its original devastating attack


Impacts of a post-polio history


Neil Estern, 93, sculptor who depicted strength yet fragility of FDR


Post Polio Syndrome What is it?


Here Are 6 Infectious Diseases You Won't Get Anymore Thanks to Vaccines


The polio virus, and its reign of terror in the American psyche, is faded history now


In Memory of Patty Barbarow


In Memory of Anita Post


Rotarian Vaughan helps promote polio awareness


Polio survivor: Nothing stopped me


Post-polio syndrome affects 7,000 people who 'don't have time to wait'


United Spinal Association & Permobil Foundation Partner to Offer Life-Enhancing Wheelchair Technology Through 'Roll Forward' Grant


The world is close to conquering polio


Mural in the works to commemorate 1944 Hickory polio hospital


Kansas City polio survivor is one of last iron lung users in U.S.(youtube)


Lahore boy contracts polio as tally hits nine in 2019



Post-Polio Syndrome, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment Mayo Clinic


Polio In the USA (youtube video)


'Be better or bitter': Niceville woman shares her story of life after polio


How surviving polio formed my view on protecting others from future disease


PV Neighbors: Ruth Lohrer's life of volunteerism began with 'driving a bread truck'


Serious injuries fail to stop 72-year-old's love for art


Brazilian polio survivor who has lived 43 years in a hospital


Post-polio syndrome affects 7,000 people who 'don't have time to wait'


Man at center of 1950 Wythe County polio epidemic dies


Polio Survivors support vaccinations for children




The Last Few Polio Survivors - Last of the Iron Lungs - video


Michael Klein: Anti-immunization crusaders risk bringing back illnesses 'we hope never to see again'


History Through Our Eyes: Feb. 26, 1954, fighting polio


Retired engineer refurbishes, and then donates, power wheelchairs


In Memory of Otto Larry Cullum


Column: Updated polio exhibit in Hickory is excellent


In Memory of Paulette Smith Lambert


A Story of Life - Donna Kidner


In Memory of Donna Kidner


Encyclopedia of Polio and PPS - Index by Subject



It began with a headache: KC polio survivor is one of last iron lung users in U.S.


Ohio Polio Network turns 25 as an independent organization


'I didn't know I had parents until I was seven': Polio's forgotten survivors


Still dancing after all these years


Hastings senior makes hundreds of hats for people in need


SHOP LOCAL: Doffie is back in store


To Your Good Health


Remembering A Time When Polio Paralyzed America


Those Living With Disabilities Thank George H.W. Bush


Polio cases no longer declining; WHO fears global resurgence


Rotary Club of Topeka hears personal story about polio


Why It's Hard For Doctors To Diagnose Polio-Like AFM




Post-Polio Syndrome Fact Sheet


Respiratory Muscle In Post-Polio Syndrome: Highlights


Meeting Your Doctor? You'd Better Speak Fast


Vaccine breakthrough brings researchers closer to eliminating polio worldwide


New light on an old disease still lived in the now


Nelson man an upright citizen as new brace technology fitted


Notable Neighbor Jack Williams: He's 88, a polio survivor and a witness to the Miracle of Hickory


Woman finds her forever home with longtime friend, fellow quadriplegic


Physical Exercise in Post-Polio Syndrome: Highlights


SENIOR LOOKOUT: Post-polio syndrome: What to know


Group of people with polio and affected by the post polio...


World Polio Day celebrates history in the making


Rotary on a mission to stop the global spread of polio


'Never give up' : Rotary honors World Polio Day


20,000 flowers planted at Stoke Mandeville Stadium to mark World Polio Day


No new patients, but numerous old patients struggle


Polio-like Virus Hits Northern Illinois


Polio forgotten but not gone | Opinion


Lifesaving Breath


Polio 'truths' revealed at Rotary Club


Cenla polio survivor joins local movement to eradicate the disease


Polio survivors threaten 'campaign of protest' against Rehab


Remembering A Time When Polio Paralyzed America


2018 WE'RE STILL HERE! Essay Contest Results






Brandon artist Tecari Shuman: 'Colors are important to me'


Downey Doings: Rancho opens new hospital wing


Pam Tubbs, Navy captain-turned Norfolk Rotary president


Butterfield Award Scholarships To Three Students


Trailblazing TV reporter, disabilities advocate Pam Henry dies


Letter to Editor - Greater Anglia Trains Flirts with accessibility perfection


In Memory of Gloria A. Jones


Iron lung keeping woman alive for decades now one of last remaining in US


SWIM, Inc. at Sussex County YMCA looking to build on 10 years of success


World Health Organization Polio eradication information


Systemic atrophies primarily affecting the central nervous system G14- Postpolio syndrome


Warwick Rotarians hear of work helping survivors of Polio


Registration opens for Ohio Polio Network Conference


United Spinal Association Applauds Cap on Uber Licenses


70 years ago Girls' camp curtailed due to polio


Brian braced for a new lease on life


Amid the opioid crisis, some seriously ill people risk losing drugs they depend on


Helping people with disability


Surgery Gone Wrong: Doctor To Pay Rs 10 Lakh To Polio Patient For Operating On Wrong Foot


The modern fight against post-polio syndrome ramps up as sufferers fight misdiagnosis and rising costs


Still many miles ahead for Barry


Polio Survivors to hold 25th anniversary event in Tullamore


Kasich: Technology such as Milo can improve lives of developmentally disabled featuring Central Ohio Polio Network member Patti Ruble


Curb Cuts


Polio Comes Home Pleasure and Paralysis in Candy Land



Soldiers Place 230,000 US Flags at Arlington National Cemetery


In Memory of Frank J. Baughman




September event to highlight polio survivors


Local history: Polio epidemic claimed 13 lives in Tuscarawas County in 1927


Through polio and post polio, Walker stays strong




Respiratory and Sleep problems in Post-Polio


Welcome to The BreatheBB Forum for all people who can benefit from noninvasive ventilatory care


Dr. Bach's general information on Non-Invasive assessment and treatment for neuro-muscular issues regarding breathing


Dr. Bach, his bibliography/publications and 'precautions'




Wheelchair users in UK to be given enhanced rights for bus travel


"Living in polio's shadow" - Adelaide Advertiser


Joanne Sage's Handicap Van for Sale


In Memory of Joanne Sage - Our Tribute to a Fellow Polio Survivor and Good Friend


In Memory of Joanne Sage



Home Modifications - United Spinal Association


Funding for Disabled Veterans in need of Home Modifications


Grants for Home Modification: 16 Resources for Homeowners with Disabilities



My long quest for wheelchair accessible buildings in Lahore


Barrie Smith: Deadly outbreaks of disease a reminder to have your family vaccinated


SOOKE HISTORY: 1953 polio epidemic took Sooke by storm




The modern fight against post-polio syndrome ramps up as sufferers fight misdiagnosis and rising costs


In Memory of Jim Kirchheimer


In Memory of Ruby Adams


In Memory of Madonna Ruth Kutcher and Madonna's story "I am a Polio Survivor"


HSE battles new wave of polio issues 30 years after last recorded case




KC woman one of few relying on iron lung to help her breathe after polio paralyzed her


America's last iron lung users on their lives spent inside obsolete ventilators


Sun City Workshop teaches method for chronic pain relief

Honoring Dr. Forest Tennant's 50-Plus Years in Pain Management


The Invisibility of Being Old, Disabled or Both


Polio book best seller


ADA suit against marketplace reinstated on appeal


The activity that helped a disabled Boca man, 77, re-energize his life


Are you old? Infirm? Then kindly disappear.


Post-Polio Care Past, Present, and Future Conference



Researcher explains why polio vaccines may not be enough to eradicate the virus


Why you should get polio vaccination even though polio is eradicated in India


How 1957 polio epidemic changed lives of Belfast women


Tributes to former teacher and poet Nick Matthews from Sandwich


Arthur C Clarke at 100: still the king of science fiction


Post-Polio Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prognosis


America's last iron lungs


The Last of the Iron Lungs


In Memory of Russell Currier Sage


In Memory of Linda Sue Rowland Straub


Senior MSP cites Post Polio Syndrome awareness as "unacceptable"


Bill Gates predicts polio will be eliminated this year as a report reveals there are just 12 cases left worldwide


Lincoln polio campaigner rubs shoulders with the stars at premiere of film 'Breathe'


Custom-trained service dog 'has given me freedom,' says polio survivor


Polio survivor shares his story for World Polio Day


The Late Effects of Polio: Do you know the signs?


Rotary Club sponsors Crab Soup Competition for Polio


Mental health focus of Polio Day 2017 event in Bendigo


Polio survivors perceptions of a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation programme


Nancy (Baldwin) Carter 1936-2017, Founder of the Nebraska Polio Survivors Association


In Memory of Kathleen Boris


Seated dance class has Sunshine Coast seniors in a spin


America the Beautiful - National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass


Polio's painful aftermath: Group reaches out with information and support for survivors as they age


Polio victim helps others


Wheelchair bound grandfather's charity swim


Polio survivor takes to the track


Grants for Home Modification: 16 Resources for Homeowners with Disabilities


Mid Ohio Valley Post Polio Group


Sales Tax Holidays



Hastings woman Fran Henke, who contracted polio at 3, says anti vaxxers could create another epidemic


How Dallas dealt polio a massive blow by vaccinating 900,000 people in two days


Disability Rights and Responsibilities for Commercial Landlords


Italian wheelchair hopes to bring users freedom


Occupational Therapy Presentation (PDF) by Carrie Stutler at the Mid-Ohio Valley PPSG Meeting


Post Polio Support Group Website - Ireland


Personal best beats polio


Chronic Illness Symptoms Study


The effects of a home-based arm ergometry exercise programme on physical fitness, fatigue and activity in Polio survivors


In Memory of Robert Schray (1935 - 2017)


After surviving polio, Nashville woman now helps others


Polio survivor donates books to medical centres


ROTARY CLUB NEWS: 'Aunt Sally' had it


Post-polio misdiagnosed, misunderstood, survivors say


Extreme Pain From Post-Polio Syndrome!


Sandwich poet Nick Matthews donates £500 Nationwide cash to Age Concern


Triple-figure birthday 'sort of crept up' on family


World Health Assembly 70: A Spectator's Guide To Program/Budget, Election, Polio Transition


Medical team can assist in choosing equipment


Polio Vaccine Pioneer Dies


Honor Dr. Julius Youngner by helping people who had polio


Julius Youngner, Pitt polio pioneer, dies at 96


Bay Cliff Health Camp Post Polio Wellness Retreat


The Benefits of Having Friends with Similar Disabilities


Diagnosing Post-Polio Syndrome in the Elderly, a Case Report


Polio: Health organisations call for final push to eradicate highly contagious disease


Madeline Adinolfe, 67, defied the odds and lived life to fullest


Polio survivor group talks of legacy and a new battle


Polio's misunderstood legacy: Facts about post-polio syndrome


Mayo Clinic Post-Polio Syndrome


Polio survivors fight for proper treatment of post-polio syndrome


How To Exercise If You Are Living With Post Polio Syndrome


His wife stared down polio, now she's waiting to see what else life has in store: Phillip Morris


Polio brings a lifetime of challenges


Dundalk woman shortlisted for Silver Surfer award


Clinical Trials Post-Polio Syndrome


Treatment with L-citrulline in patients with post-polio syndrome: study protocol for a single-center, randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial


Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute Post Polio Clinic


'I endured six months in an iron lung with polio - now illness has struck again 55 years on'


Opportunity to interview Anne Wafula-Strike MBE ahead of Disabled Access Day


Retail Savings Guide for People with Disabilities


Gillingham and Rainham MP Rehman Chishti to speak about post-polio syndrome in House of Commons


Marilyn Shuler: 'Accepting who you are is the key to everything'


In Memory of Patty Harding, Akron Post-Polio Support Group


United Spinal Association Writes President Trump to Maintain Provision in Affordable Care Act: Employment for Wheelchair Users and All People with Disabilities at Stake


Three Australian polio survivors are travelling to India to help the WHO's polio eradication initiative


Grandmother of disability-rights movement, Zona Roberts: "We will prevail"


ND study finds challenges in helping elderly stay at home


In Memory of Isabel Pfahl, longtime member of the Akron Post-Polio Support Group


We are saddened by the passing of long time OPN member Paul J. Everson


Chronic Illness Masquerading as Acute Problem: Post-Polio Syndrome


Robotic Exoskeletons Are the New Wheelchairs


80-year-old Zhejiang farmer has cared for his son with polio for last 50 years


Woman to beat post-polio blues with Himalayan dream


Tronetti: Winning the war against polio


Braun Lift Recall


Clinical Trial Study of "Post-Polio Syndrome"


Living in an Iron Lung: 'It was a long, airtight coffin-shaped box with my head sticking out at one end'


Polio survivors race against the clock


Polio Patients in Northern Italy, a 50 Year Follow-up


Celebrating 65 years helping the community


Best Exercise And Treatment For Post Polio Residual Paralysis


Post-polio Syndrome



For Chinese Orphan with a Disability, Life in the U.S. Brought the Strength to Help a Friend Left Behind


'Time/Life (Song for the Whales and Other Beings)' Review


Hilton Head arts giant Joe Bowler dies


The Bulletin British Polio Fellowship November/December


Remap Oxfordshire celebrates 40 years of custom-making household objects for disabled clients


The Larooco Log: A Rare and Intimate Glimpse Into the Life of FDR


Polio - a disease that haunts victims even later in life


Ulster man who contracted polio as child tells his story


A Reboot For Wheelchair That Can Stand Up And Climb Stairs


When the First Iron Lung Was Used in Boston


Polio Child My Life From A Children's Hospital to Post-Polio Syndrome


Polio survivors face new disability


Post Polio Syndrome: What is it, and why does it matter?

French displays collection at gallery



Many unaware of late effects of polio

Points of View Fran Henke photographs pomes and polio



Polio: In the Shadow of Fear


Book shares personal insights into a frightening disease now all but forgotten


Mother Teresa Made Him Believe He Could Fly - And He Did


Find support group for lingering pain of post-polio syndrome


In Reaction to Zika outbreak, Echoes of Polio


Post-polio syndrome cut Pam's therapist career short


Polio survivor's tale of terror, hope; post-polio syndrome and its treatments; how ethics consultants help hospital patients: Upstate Medical Universitys HealthLink on Air for Sunday, July 31, 2016 (audio archived program)


Back-to-school: Where to save with sales-tax holidays


Storytellers: Make this election count with Emily Ladau





Are your parking lots ADA compliant? Here's what businesses NEED to know


Mid-Ohio Valley Post-Polio Support Group celebrates Anniversary


Disability Voter Registration Week July 11 - 15 Wood County, WV Proclamation



Plant-based Polio booster vaccine




Iron lung exhibit of late '50s state fairs controversial


10 Things to Know about the ADA and Beyond

Polio survivor group aims to create community, educate in Hickory


Pennsylvania Polio Survivors Network - July 2016

Radio Interview with Dr. Richard L. Bruno, PhD


Ted Hill: Post-polio patients need Elvis moment


Important New Paper published on Anestheria and Polio

(This PDF File may take a minute to downloadt Use the back arrow on your brwser to return to the OPN website)


United Spinal's 5th Annual Roll on Capitol Hill Gathers Wheelchair Users to Advocate for Veterans and People Living with Spinal Cord Injuries/Disorders



A Pioneering Force: The author's mother was widowed with three young children at age 53, but she never let polio compromise her independence.


Outcomes of Total Knee Arthroplasty in Patients With Poliomyelitis


Post-polio syndrome: The sequel


Tributes paid to Birmingham 1950s polio campaigner


Asymmetrical bone loss in a patient with poliomyelitis: an indication for anti-osteoporotic therapy


Polio struck terror in Houston and across the nation


Post Polio Syndrome: What is it, and why does it matter?


In Memory of Joanne Gellner (1929 - 2016)


In Memory of Tammie Tschappat (1947 - 2016)


In Memory of Paul Croley (1920 - 2016)


APRIL 26, 1954 Polio vaccine trials begin


Oklahoma City polio victim receives 87 roses honoring her birthday, post-polio group work


How Polio Survivors Can Avoid Tracheostomies


Area children treated with Salk polio vaccine in 1955


Decades later, Polio still lingers with Johnson

A World of Her Own


North West Region scoops gold at National Indoor Games


Waterford resident memorializes women who helped cure her polio as a child


Casey's Pond resident returns to slopes at age 74


Venice's gondolas become accessible to wheelchair users


Experiences and perspectives of patients with post-polio syndrome and therapists with exercise and cognitive behavioural therapy


Maine Jewish Film Festival serves up 'Breakfast at Ina's'


Poliomyelitis/Post-Polio Syndrome


Post Polio Syndrome: A guide to management (British Polio)


Post Polio Syndrome (PPS)


Polio: forgotten but not gone


'The most feared disease of childhood and adolescence' and 'a deafening silence': polio and post-polio in Australia


Handicapped Bathrooms: Use as a Last Resort, unless you Actually Need One!


Making strides with an upright walker


Congratulations & Many Thanks to Ruth McCort


Navigate the Maze of Pain - American Chronic Pain Association


Wind Crest Resident Determined to Beat His Post-Polio-Syndrome Hits Ski Slopes Again


In Memory of James M. Ellison


Polio Survivor Turned Doctor

Laugh and the world laughs with you




New research shows British population shocked at plight of Polio survivors


7 Facts About Sci-Fi Visionary Arthur C. Clarke


In Memory of Randall A. Vannoy


Co-enzyme Q10 does not help fatigue in post-polio patients


Strive For Good Health - Part II Polio PPS Post Polio Syndrome


Mennonite Heritage Center exhibit highlights work of Fritz and Trudi Eberhardt




Post-polio syndrome: Australia's forgotten disability


Post-polio syndrome Little-known condition links patients to their past



Mid-Ohio Valley PPSG Warren Peascoe - Third Runner-up in PHI Contest

Faces of Polio: 60 years after vaccine, crippling disease and survivors' memories linger


Polio eradicated in all but two countries


FLEXIBLE FITNESS: Post-Polio Syndrome


Idaho Rotarians celebrate World Polio Day


Living with Polio




Paralyzed by polio at 9, Loveland woman fought her way back


Documentary celebrates Chicago breakfast restaurateur


In Memory of Theodore Edwin Deaton


Post-polio syndrome: A little-known condition links patients to their past Northwest GA News


Post-polio syndrome: A little-known condition links patients to their past Georgia Health News


Charity asks for Spinnaker Tower to go turquoise


Guide to Home Remodeling for Disability and Special Needs


Polio survivor spreads word in Lake Country about the disease's second blow


Disabled artist wins spot in ArtPrize


Polio - Post-Polio Treatment

Ohio Polio Network Conference scheduled at Tuscora Park


Post-polio conference to be held this fall at Tuscora Park


Paralyzed Men Gain Movement Without Surgery


The History Of Polio In The U.S. And Efforts To Eradicate The Disease Globally


Vaccinations have always been controversial in America


Hoping to shine a light on polio syndrome


Post-polio syndrome: Stricken as children, graying Central New Yorkers confront backlash of disease


Village of PWD dreams


Jonas Salk: what is polio?

Jonas Salk: why he was disliked by the medical community

Jonas Salk: the man behind the lab coat

Jonas Salk: the vaccination debate

Jonas Salk: his other achievements in medicine


Polio survivor Shirley Hazlewood self-publishes book about disease


NYC's first-ever Disability Pride Parade not in very accessible location, with nearby subway stations lacking elevators


Yellow Dot Program Could Be The Key To Saving More Ohio Drivers When An Accident Occurs

Senate Bill 91 To enact Revised Code to establish the "Yellow Dot" motor vehicle medical information program


Cause of Elyria church fire not yet determined

The church where the Lorain County Post-Polio Support Group met for so many years had a horrible fire. We are taking up a collection for them to thank them for being so good to us over the years...never charged us a cent and let us have a key. They are a wonderful group of people.  Jo Sage


The Wheelchair Gets a Makeover - and a New Name


Artifical neuron mimicks function of human cells Stockholm, Sweden


First bionic leg brace fitted in Minnesota




2016 First Australasia-Pacific Post-Polio Conference


Brown: Owner backs off promise of rental subsidies


Iowa Polio Stories Sent To The Iowa Polio Stories Web Site


Polio's second act


European summit puts PPS in the spotlight


Post-Poliomyelitis Syndrome as a Possible Viral Disease


When mobility chairs go off their rockers


How A Pittsburgh-Made Polio Vaccine Helped Beat A Disease That Terrified A Nation


Memorial acknowledges 80 years of disability support


Bernice Krumhansl Award - Ernest Johnson, M.D.


Ernest Johnson, M.D. Tralalitiously Yours



Akron Post-Polio Support Group mourns the passing of Frank R. Pfahl


Polio comes back to haunt childhood victim more than 60 years after original diagnosis


Help polio charity sow seeds in schools (British Polio Fellowship)


Lives of People with Disabilities


Post-polio syndrome: Stricken as children, graying Central New Yorkers confront backlash of disease


Supporters of California vaccine bill rally


Make A Difference Day Awards: Missouri town helps seniors


Amid debate about vaccines, polio remembered as a scourge defeated


Phil Power: A broken back, polio and the test of character


How-To: Yoga Poses from Your Wheelchair


Why Using a Wheelchair Is the Opposite of Giving Up


Bay Cliff Post Polio Wellness Retreat


Chicago's Cardinal: Francis George rose to lead hometown's Catholics



Defeating Polio, The Disease That Paralyzed America


Jonas Salk's Polio Vaccine Makes A Comeback



Seattle Polio Survivor Describes Lasting Impact Of Disease


Polio Australia: Improving Health Outcome for Australia's Polio Survivors


'Four feet instead of two': A polio survivors baseball legacy


Wood Co. Society Telethon Eclipses $100k Goal Post-polio support the oldest support group in the valley, of any sort (Mid-Ohio Valley PPSG)


In Memory of Howard A. Palmer


Restless Legs Syndrome and Post-polio Syndrome


Thousands With Disabilities To Get Rental Assistance


'51 Broughton grad shares story of surviving polio


Decades After Recovery, Polio Strikes Back

People with disabilities want appropriate accommodations


In Memory of Frederick S. Gallo (1939 - 2014)


In Memory of Marie M.Gessler (1929 - 2015)


In Memory of Jeremiah Allen Range (1944 - 2015)


Jim Gellner, Akron's dear and most wonderful post-polio member and friend has passed way


Doctors save the limb of 55-year-old farmer


Polio survivors band together for solace and strength


Long-standing poliomyelitis and psychological health Study NIH


This Day in History: February 23rd- Eradicating Polio


McMaster University - Polio Genomics Study Letter (pdf file)


Jonas Salk, the Polio Vaccine, and The Shot Felt 'Round the World'


8 Things You May Not Know About Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine

When polio held Houston in fear


A path to pain


United Spinal Association Demands Wheelchair Accessible Taxicabs in DC for Those With ALS, Other Spinal Conditions


A polio survivor speaks: 'Let them have the vaccine'


PPS Health


Local woman benefits from aquatic therapy


Post-polio by Jack Briggs


7 Examples of discrimination most people with disabilities experience every day

The Moblity Resource


Researchers crack code to halt infections by common cold and polio viruses


'It's going to change my life' - polio sufferer extols virtues of bionic leg


The Iron Lung


When Ike Trusted a New Vaccine


The Dangers of Not Vaccinating Your Child


Can We Ever Really Eradicate a Disease?


Polio once scourge of America's children


Polio and PPS: 1952 Survivor's Notes


Man with post-polio syndrome skis again


Binghamton native talks about surviving Polio


Fatigue and Functional Capacity in Persons with Post-Polio Syndrome


World War Two veteran who dedicated his life to helping polio sufferers to receive MBE


Watch Mario DeSantis play 'Auld Lang Syne': A tale of resilience, despite the echoes of polio


Helen W. Solomon (1917 - 2014)


St. John Providence Health System Symptoms of Post-Polio


Flagler College Radio disc jockey with post-polio syndrome signs off


Passion for babies births decades-long career


Polio: A Hidden Part Of Jamaican History


Dr. Ernest Johnson 1924-2014: Founder of Ohio State rehab unit was advocate for disabled


OPN and the Post-Polio Community mourn the passing of Dr. Ernest (Ernie) W. Johnson


The Salk Polio Vaccine: 'Greatest Public Health Experiment in History'


In Praise of Joni Mitchell


A-J Remembers: Polio patients fought hard for their victories


Itzhak Perlman honored with Salk Award


Carrollton group offers support, fellowship to those suffering from post-polio


New book -Three Quick Steps by Robert Emmett

Vaccine-resistant polio strain discovered


Norfolk and Norwich Art Circle launch exhibition supporting the British Polio Fellowship


Post Polio Syndrome - the hidden legacy of a disease that cast a 50-year shadow


Post Polio Syndrome sufferer fights on despite debilitating condition


Local woman was Polio poster child nearly 70 years ago

Wildflower power against Post Polio Syndrome on the eve of PPS Day 2014


Oye! Health What Is Post Polio Syndrome? New Polio Québec Video

Rotary Club to celebrate Golden Anniversary


"Post-Polio Experts Present" posted on Polio Place during WERE STILL HERE! week


Polio survivors reunite in the Twin Cities


Illness is a life sentence


'The Roosevelts', Documentary Series on PBS


THE ROOSEVELTS: An Intimate History PBS September 14th

The Roosevelts An Intimate History (video)


Iron lung serves as polio reminder


Local polio survivor overcame challenges


Charles "Todd" Lee (03/11/1932 - 06/29/2013) Memorial


Abilities Expo Boston


'One in a Million:' Polio hasn't stopped Dietz from reaching out to help


Surviving on Kindness: Dallas man in iron lung recounts life guided by compassion


"I'm a fighter": 90 surgeries later, Corina Zalace hasnt let polio keep her down


Polio facts


'Disabled By Polio, But Enabled By Determination': How Paralympian Anne Wafula Strike MBE Can Inspire Us All


Remembering those who never forget: Polio survivors share their story


Ankle-foot orthoses that restrict dorsiflexion improve walking in polio survivors with calf muscle weakness

Officials Declare Overseas Polio as Public Health Emergency


Building and evolving an answering service


Patsy Soderstrom Shellie (10/7/1938 - 06/28/2014)


Michigan Polio Network - From the Chair - Summer 2014




Remembering Jazz Legend Charlie Haden, Who Crafted His Voice In Bass


Westbrook: Polio was the frightening enigma of the 1950s


Debilitating disease forges strong friendship


Aging With Grace For Boomers With Disabilities


'New Life, No Instructions,' by Gail Caldwell


Maries Candies owner shares father's polio plight


Polio and Famous People Who Survived It - PBS




Ciro de Quadros, 74, Dies; Leader in Ridding Latin America of Polio


Polio victim urges survivors to act


Not until the 1950s were rehab programs available for polio


Aldenham pupils given talk on polio


Polio robbed me of my dad and my sporting dreams


Q&A: Polio's History and Why It's Again Becoming a Threat


WHO sounds alarm on spread of polio


Pay attention to post-polio syndrome


Reinvented Wheel can run smoothly down steps

Softwheel Video


Living with Polio


Today in WSJ History April 25, 1955: Polio Vaccine


Flatwoods woman thrives despite polio


Apr 26, 1954: Polio vaccine trials begin


Sixtieth Anniversary for Polio Pioneers


Lookback: Muskegon County takes polio precautions in 1950s; disease did strike once in 1997


Geography in the News: Polio Returns with Tenacity

60th anniversary of polio vaccine, first administered in Pa.


Salk Institute Open This Weekend For Look At Research


March Of Dimes Honors Founder FDR At Presidential Library


United Spinal Hosts Free Webinars - Motion Therapy Technology & Transitioning to Mobility devices


New virtual sailing program helping master disabilities (video)


64-year-old paralympian overcomes challenge after challenge


Survivor creates support group for post-polio syndrome


Sesame Stairs (video)


Neurological conditions among older people are falling off the health agenda


Polio-like sickness in Northern California

Is a Wave of Poliolike Symptoms in California Cause for Alarm?

Ottawa polio survivors watch polio-like disease in US

Polio Mimic: How the New Virus in California Compares


Afghanistan polio: First case in Kabul since 2001


Wheelchair User Refused Service, Blocks Bus


United Spinal Hosts Free February Webinars: Access to Catheters & Home Modifications for Wheelchair Users


Unlikely hero: Polio victim saved 10 lives


Polio Rushes through Southern Oregon in 1935


'Curse of the Cat People' Star Ann Carter Dies at 77


Full accessibility exposes more to B'dian product


The Future of Universal Design


Kings Lynns Sue, 66, still fighting off the legacy of childhood polio


Polio no obstacle in McShane's rise to success


CDC reports its top 5 health threats for 2014; HPV, superbugs on the list


Penn State Mont Alto chancellor talks about polio


Polio survivor continues to inspire


Anne Wafula Strike: Forgiveness Is Secret To Success


Dr. Robert Eiben, Cleveland's "Polio Doc" and pediatric neurology pioneer dies at age 91


A Nurse Gains Fame in the Days of Polio


The Late Effects of Polio: An Overview


Advice for polio sufferers


A Polio-Free U.S. Thanks to Vaccine Efforts


Dr. George Henry Koepke; 1916-2013: Toledo native a medical pioneer


Brazilian polio survivor who has lived 43 years in a hospital


60 years in an iron lung: US polio survivor worries about new global threat

Thanksgiving Memory: Mom Gives Up Dreams to Help Polio-Stricken Son to Walk


Steve Harley: How polio struck and stopped me sliding on my knees like Mick Jagger


Kindness: Polio survivor wages battle against crippling disease


Shadow of U.S. polio epidemic likely to be seen for years to come


Polio's second act: Local Rotary Club aims to increase awareness of post-polio syndrome




Post-polio awareness week educates public about symptoms


Post-polio symptoms hard to endure


Polio survivors share story and warn disease is still around


Savannah Polio survivors share experiences on World Polio Day


How a Ballerina Can Inspire Us to Eradicate Polio


Wheels For Warren In The Works

Tooling Around With Mel Warren


When a Pittsburgh filmmaker met Bill Gates


WPI explores possibility of developing robotic assistants

Man with Pine ties who found polio vaccine honored

Woman Lived in Iron Lung 61 Years

Polio: A killer on the run

Polio strikes back. Decades after initial disease, survivors feel new effects

Post-Polio Syndrome Support

Salk vaccine eased polio fears

You Don't Need Feet to Dance documentary

A reminder for post-polio survivors

Post-polio syndrome sufferer raising awareness of condition


United Spinal Supported by global Spectrum hosting 'Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Night' Benefits nationwide



Paracanoe World Championships: Kenyan fisherman races world's best


Transcranial direct current stimulation improves sleep in patients with post-polio syndrome


The disease that comes back to haunt you


Polio outbreak created mystery, fear and quarantines Museum recalls the summer without children, in 1950


Rehabilitation in Patients with Postpolio Syndrome Should take a Multiprofessional and Multidisciplinary


Post-polio syndrome sufferer raising awareness of condition

TV Footage Shows Some Of The First Polio Shots Given In The U.S.


Golf has been a saviour by Edmontons John Peterson


Polio survivor speaks about keeping the disease at bay


Decades after initial disease, polio survivors feel new effects


Decades later, polio survivors face new challenges


Age rules out qualification for DisabilityCare aid - Australia


The Myth of FDRs Secret Disability


Rare 1944 film clip shows a wheelchair-bound FDR


Mid-Ohio Valley Post-Polio Support Group marks 25th Anniversary


Polio changed our nation


Post-Polio Nutrition


Overlapping Syndromes, Post-Polio and ME/CFS: An open letter from Mia Farrow


Polio: Share your story


Idaho StoryCorps: An Idaho Woman's Life With Polio


BYGONE DAYS: County rallies to fight polio


New book explores experiences of polio victims alongside medical, scientific landmarks


Local survivors of polio overcome physical barriers (June 9, 2013)


Speech to Parliament - Global Polio Eradication and Post-Polio Syndrome June 3, 2013

Why You Should Worry about a Case of Polio in Somalia


The uphill climb Polio no barrier to a life of adventure and wonder (May 16, 2013)


book review: Apps reveals how polio affected his life


Polio and its crippling effects Part II (May 13, 2013)


Restored iron lung has special meaning for one family


Bartee Haile: Polio turned summer into the season of fear


How Ken Sutcliffe survived the peril of polio (May 9, 2013)

Boy crippled by polio overcomes his handicap by learning to walk on his HANDS (May 8, 2013)


'I survived polio as a child, but still suffer' (May 6, 2013)


April 30, 1955 Seven More Idaho Youngsters Confirmed as Polio Patients (May 6, 2013)


Victims of polio relive nightmare (May 7, 2013)


Polio and its crippling effects (May 6, 2013)


Rotary raises money for Texas Polio Survivors' Ass'n (May 3, 2013)


Gresham's Vivienne Lewis, Oregon's Mother of the Year, raised large family while enduring post-polio syndrome


Dearth Of Research Makes Mysterious Post-Polio Syndrome Hard To Treat (April 26, 2013)


St. Louis organization is still serving polio survivors (April 26, 2013)

A Look Back First Polio vaccines hit St. Louis in 1955 (April 22, 2013)


Lynnwood woman, 86, on March of Dimes from start (April 24, 2013)


Hilary Koprowski, Who Developed First Live-Virus Polio Vaccine, Dies at 96 (April 20, 2013)


3 Connecticut Men A Major Presence In Polio Hall of Fame


Memories of polio evoked (April 15, 2013)


Scooter Store goes belly up (April 15, 2013)


Scooter Store scaling back operations under bankruptcy (April 15, 2013)

United Spinal Welcomes New Board Member: Joseph Gaskins to Energize Advocacy Efforts (April 15, 2013)


Hilary Koprowski, polio vaccine pioneer, dead at 96 (April 14, 2013)


The Day Polio Began Losing Its Grip on America (April 12, 2013)


Hospital on Wheels in Ganjam district (April 5, 2013)


Mechanical Engineering Professor Invents Portable Mobility Assistant Device (March 29, 2013)


Music Fest to benefit polio survivors (April 3, 2013)


Polio vaccine celebrated: April 12, 1955 (April 8, 2013)


Polio remains serious threat, doctor warns (April 7, 2013)


Navigating the Seating and Mobility World with Post-Polio (Post-Polio Health Winter 2013)


Pathways to Wellness for Polio Survivors Theme of NJ Conference


Dr. Jacquelin Perry, Surgeon Who Aided Polio Victims, Dies at 94 (March 23, 2013)


“The people just push themselves more than most of us,” she said in an interview with The New York Times Magazine in 1985. “They’ve put up with signs of strain to live a normal life. I always say people who had polio are overachievers, because so many of them are out to prove they can do just as well as those who didn’t have it. But now, the strain has accumulated, and tissues are aging prematurely.”


New chapter opens in polio fight (April 1, 2013)




After being diagnosed with polio at age 10, a Kearney woman travels across the world to help (March 16, 2013)



Dr. Jacquelin Perry dies at 94; polio specialist (March 14, 2013)


The Ten Commandments of Post-Polio Syndrome New Mobility June 1999)


Rancho legend Dr. Jacquelin Perry mourned


Polio Network of New Jersey Announces Annual Conference (March 13, 2013)


On the Move Post Polio Syndrome with Dave & Suzie Larwood - Youtube (March 1, 2013)


Iron lung moves from London to help polio fight (February 13, 2013)

Polio plea (January 31, 2013)


Polio: Do you know about the disease?

Jazz bass legend Charlie Haden yearns to perform again



Polio Survivor Offers Guidance for Others Living with the Disease


Bill Gates on a mission to rid the world of polio by 2018

'Last night The British Polio Fellowship welcomed Gates’s stand as “fantastic news” but called on him to also remember sufferers of the neurological condition Post-Polio Syndrome, including 120,000 people in the United Kingdom.'


My childhood polio helped me survive the darkest days of my life


Rotary International's innovative campaign Add your photo. Save a child from polio.


Ursinus talk reveals what influenced Dr. Salk, credited with eradicating polio


Take 5: 'Hyde Park on Hudson' edition


Polio-stricken man returns to Coimbatore from Canada to spread awareness about the disease


Polio's Late Effects


Post-Polio Syndrome: A Rising Health Problem Among Women


The War Against Microbes (29 Min Video)


Struck by polio, but never struck down


Chesapeake man's train mania takes him across globe


Franklin Roosevelts Personal Polio Crusade, 75 Years Ago


Iron lungs gave polio sufferers hope

ChangeMaker: Don't Call Him Disabled


New Year's resolutions: Weight loss and exercising


Problems can erupt 40 years after polio infection


Post-polio syndrome doesnt stop Osmond from volunteering


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On  Mon. Dec. 17 from 10:00 to 11:00 p. m., both WOUB (9) and WPBY (12) will show Independent Lens. Check your local PBS Station to determine if it will be aired in your area.

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"I’ve led a charmed life in many ways, but as a youngster I learned that a person’s life can change forever in an instant. After contracting polio, I was fortunate to receive treatment at the Warm Springs Foundation in Georgia. Polio affects each person differently, but all Warm Springs patients learned valuable lessons about life – never let illness define you, never be limited by the expectations of others, never give up, and never stop working. By applying the belief that nothing is impossible if you work hard, thousands of Warm Springs alumni, including myself, have led happy and productive lives."      

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The documentary still airs on Retirement Living TV from time to time, Wasser said. Its next scheduled showing is July 17 at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. (Comcast Cable Channel 175 and Verizon FiOS Channel 245). ***Note: This is the introduction. We will let you know when we hear that it will be broadcast again on RLTV.***

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Dr. Lauro Halstead is one of only a handful of doctors in the U.S. who specializes in polio — and he speaks to his patients with authority.

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Polio Survivors Ask

Nancy Baldwin Carter, BA, M Ed Psych, Omaha, Nebraska, (


Q:  I recently attended a banquet given to raise funds meant to help eradicate polio worldwide. Others at our table seemed to believe that this was the end of it—that once we get everyone immunized, there would be nothing more to do regarding polio. Why don’t people hear as much about ongoing needs of polio survivors as they do about efforts to eradicate the disease?


A:  The simple answer is that the CDC and Rotary International and others have spent a good deal of time and money organizing and publicizing this most successful eradication effort (and thank goodness for that). But so far nobody has approached our post-polio cause with anything close to that much vitality.


More to the point, perhaps, is what can WE do? A vigorous grass roots effort on the part of polio survivors and their families could create a domino effect, finally attracting the attention of those in an excellent position to assist us in meeting our goal.


And what is this goal? To alert health professionals, policy makers, and the general public to the fact that polio survivors are active individuals within their communities with successes to tell, and for many of us, unmet needs.


One huge need is for rehabilitation as well as re-rehabilitation. Polio survivors remember the role rehab played in taking us from polio patient to functioning member of society as we recovered from the disease initially. Worldwide, rehab efforts, although limited in some countries, still exist. And now the cause is just as great for re-rehabilitation as those of us with the late effects of polio struggle to get back on our feet from this second blow.


We hope for doctors, therapists, medical institutions to see our plight and come pounding on our door. We look for policy makers to steer others in our direction. We dream of energizing those in our communities in the same way FDR brought them to our side all those years ago.


It all starts here, with you and me and each of us.


After a death in my family last month, someone asked where she could send a memorial. I suggested the research division of PHI, to help boost the amount of money available for promising grants. Shouldn’t people know that right now we’re close to finding a definitive diagnosis for post-polio syndrome—and that this could lead to breakthroughs in treatment?


A few days later she called to ask if I minded her sending the money to a homeless shelter, instead, since they have a current need. Of course the shelter is worthy. And in her mind, post-polio is so remote it presents no urgency whatsoever. That made me sit up and pay attention. What can I do to make a difference? What can I do to get others to take notice?


I’ve been looking over ideas various groups have proposed. Did you see the “button” suggestion? Wearing buttons with the WE’RE STILL HERE logo on them? Brilliant, I thought! I could wear one, and everywhere I go people would ask who “WE” are and why they should care if we’re “STILL HERE.” A Johnny Appleseed of post-polio, that’d be me. How does that quote go? If everyone lit just one little candle, what a bright world this would be!


Or I could reach lots of people at once by being part of producing the skit right here in Omaha that’s offered on the PHI website this year. What a kick!


Take a look at the bright green logo at and discover some great possibilities. You’ll see. And remember this: Anything we can do is a zillion times better than doing nothing at all.


Nancy Baldwin Carter, B.A, M.Ed.Psych, from Omaha, Nebraska, is a polio survivor, a writer, and is founder and former director of Nebraska Polio Survivors Association.


Source: Post-Polio Health International (