Bernice Krumhansl Award

This award is presented  to a polio survivor or other individual who is an outstanding advocate -- a person who has worked actively in support of improving the lives of polio survivors and people with other disability issues. This award was originally established by the OPN Board in 1988. It was called the People First/Disability Second Award. It was later changed to the Bernice Krumhansl Advocacy Award in honor of Bernice Krumhansl’s untiring efforts in working with polio survivors to help them maintain their quality of life.
Bernice worked 34 years at St. Luke’s Medical Center, retiring in 1986 as director of the physical therapy department. She specialized in working with polio patients. Bernice wrote many articles on a variety of subjects, including a textbook on physical therapy. She also traveled extensively on a lecture circuit.
Her cousin, Bill Krumhansl, said it best:  
“She was special because she healed the old-fashioned way. She healed with her hands, with her heart, and with her head.”




Robert Boyce
2023 Bernice Krumhansl Award