2023 Ohio Polio Network Donors    
As we approach the new year, 2024, the Ohio Polio Network (OPN) would like to thank all our members. OPN would not exist without the receipt of annual dues from its members. Your contributions help to defray the cost of Post-Polio Conferences, the cost of the quarterly newsletter and the cost for maintaining the website. OPN has a policy of recognizing those who made a donation in any amount during the year. We would like to thank the following people for their generous donations.




Martha Adamsky

Chuck Albert

Susan Cull


Janice Deeter

Hank Deneski

Gretchen Estreicher


Patty Evans

Brenda Ferguson

Teddi Gideon


Vivian Gray

Henry Hershberger

Jonas Hershberger


Judi Jacobs

Patrick Kelly

Jacob Miller


Pat Novak

Beverly Schmittgen

Paul Seib


Amy Smith

Nelson Sommers

Kevin Sykora


Dan Wells

Monica Wilford

Nikki Wingerson


Arlene Zachritz












Donors In Memory of Marie Smith




Linda Conrad